Concept for flavored vodkas in unique, flat bottles. A see-through, layered design has art elements on the front and back interacting with each other. With such a common product, the packaging has to stand out.

Packaging design for a box of premium, assorted teas. High-quality substrate, inks and a soft-touch coating make this packaging look and feel gift-worthy.

Label options for potato salad containers. Client: Reser's Fine Foods

Holiday Value Added Package for Pendleton Whisky. Client: Hood River Distillers.

1-color packaging design for Vandulet Farms' lavender honey.

Packaging design for Aristo Coffee Co.

Packaging for annual, belt buckle promotional giveaways. Client: Hood River Distillers.

Orthodontic appliance box with instructional inserts. Audience: orthodontic patients.
Client: The appliance manufacturer - who created this to entice doctors to choose them to make appliances.

Value-add packaging for LucidĀ® Absinthe. Client: Hood River Distillers.

Label and Logo creation for an industrial circuit board cleaner.

Label design for a Clear Creek Distillery vodka.

Label design and concept for blended wines.

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