Concept for flavored vodkas in a unique shaped bottles (similar to flasks) with printed art elements on the front and back interacting with each other.

Packaging design for a box of premium, assorted teas. High-quality substrate, inks and a soft-touch coating make this packaging look and feel gift-worthy.

Label design options for potato salad containers. Client: Reser's Fine Foods

Spirits label design focusing on the city of Portland (P-Town) with a local, tattoo vibe. Client: Hood River Distillers

Packaging design for Lotto® soccer socks.

1-color packaging design for Vandulet Farms lavender honey.

Packaging design for Aristo Coffee Co.

Packaging for annual, belt buckle promotional giveaways. Client: Pendleton Whisky

Orthodontic appliance box with instructional inserts. The appliance manufacturer created these as a way to attract new orthodontic doctors to choose them to make their patient's appliances.

Label and Logo creation for an industrial circuit board cleaner.

Label design and concept for blended wines.

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